Olivine Perfume GIVEAWAY!

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If you saw my recent Instagram post, you know how thrilled I was to discover Olivine Atelier perfume, a relatively new vegan, cruelty-free scent collection! Since ditching animal products and animal-tested products, I’ve had a very tough time locating a perfume I didn’t hate. Everything I sampled seemed to smell like either the epitome of stereotypical new age-y hippiedom (not that I have a problem with new age-y hippiedom, I’m just not sure I love the scent associated with it) or sweet, sugary flowers (think of a body spray you’d buy at Claire’s for an 8-year-old). Until recently, I’d completely given up and accepted the fact that cruelty-free life for me would mean life without a signature scent; given the abundance of cruelty and exploitation that run rampant in the animal testing and agriculture industries, this seemed like an unacceptable, albeit sad, loss. I have nothing against embracing one’s own natural scent, but I mourned the option of being able to dab on a little extra magic before walking out the door.

That is, until my lovely friend Ashlee of The Little Foxes introduced me to Olivine! Though Ashlee has never steered me wrong, I was skeptical as I waited for my sample pack to arrive in the mail. I won’t bore you with an overly descriptive narration of my first experience smelling each of the scents, so I’ll just leave it at this: I was intoxicated and overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by each of the six fragrances, and was ecstatic to have discovered the solution to my scent deprivation. Picking a favorite blend is impossible, but “Amongst The Waves” and “She Belongs There” called out to me a major way.


I’m so excited to be able to offer you lovely readers the chance to win a free bottle of perfume oil (a $48 value!) in the scent of your choice! Each perfume oil is 100% fragrance with no additives or carrier oils. Perfume oils arrive in a 5ml glass bottle and are accompanied by a gold glitter dipped feather (collected personally by Julie, Olivine’s creator, at a local bird sanctuary; no animals are harmed!) symbolizing beauty and freedom.┬áThe contest will run until Monday evening, at which point the winner will be contacted. Multiple options for how to enter can be found through the link below! Good luck!

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Olivine Perfume GIVEAWAY!