Big Changes Coming to The Tree Kisser!


I’ve got some exciting news to share about The Tree Kisser shop! I’m finally taking the plunge into designing and manufacturing my own garments at a factory in Los Angeles! Over the next couple months, you’ll begin to see new styles, materials, and colors in the shop while older items get phased out. I’ll still be printing most of my popular designs on the new garments, but there will be new concepts and designs as well! To clarify, by “designs” I’m usually referring to the graphic text/images printed on the shirts (i.e.: “Animals Are Not Fabric”), and by “styles” I’m usually referring to the actual shirt itself (i.e.: yellow racerback tank, pink fleece hoodie, etc.). There will be a few phases of how this change takes effect, which I’ll try to explain below!

You may not have known or realized, but until now I’ve been buying apparel wholesale from suppliers like Bella + Canvas, American Apparel, and Alternative Apparel. I’ve come to appreciate the quality and variety I can source from working with these companies, but it leaves many variables out of my control. Some of these garments are made in the US, some are made overseas. Some garments are made of organic/recycled materials, most aren’t. Sometimes I fall in love with a color one garment is available in just to realize I can’t find it in any other styles. Sometimes the quality isn’t consistent. The most problematic issue of all, however, is when I sell out of a specific style and the supplier is out of stock; this is the issue that has finally (fortunately) pushed me into taking this next leap!

If you’re a frequent visitor of my online store (thank you!), you may have noticed lately that I’ve been sold out of some items. I’ve haven’t been able to restock, because I’ve been waiting for the suppliers to replenish their own inventory. This of course hurts my business, but it also takes away from the animals who could be helped by potential sales. After discovering that many of these styles aren’t going to be replenished until September, I decided to print one more round of some popular designs on slightly different garments (still sourced from my wholesale suppliers). This is just a temporary measure until I’m able to completely switch to the new garments I’ll be producing! It might get a little confusing, so below I’ll list the new variations available:

– The “ADOPT” black muscle tee with gold foil will be replaced by a black v-neck tank.

– The “Favorite Things” mint racerback tank will be replaced by a mint v-neck tank AND a white v-neck tee

– The “Make The World Better” neon yellow racerback tank will be replaced by a neon yellow boxy tank

– The “Make The World Better” white flowy boat neck tee will be replaced by a white flowy v-neck tee

– The “Animals Are Not Fabric” white boxy tanks and white muscle tees will be replaced by a white v-neck tank

Working with the new factory’s design team, selecting fabrics and colors, and having the garments actually manufactured will take up to two months, at which point I will start phasing out all the old apparel and introducing unique, brand-new styles made using organic cotton (yay!). I am SO excited to transition into this new phase, and I hope you’ll be patient with me as things get a little confusing! You can always email me at with questions. If I don’t get back to you within a couple days, feel free to resend!

Thank you all for your support; without you, I absolutely would not have the confidence or resources to make this happen!


Big Changes Coming to The Tree Kisser!