Hello! My name is Jessica, aka The Tree Kisser.

I started blogging on somewhat of a dare, about four years ago. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with sharing information & inspiration with newbie vegans, curious animal lovers,  passionate environmentalists, and others looking to make a difference in this world. Here on the blog, you’ll discover decadent plant-based recipes, innovate vegan & eco-friendly fashion, news and observations regarding animal activism, and other assorted thoughts that fall out of my brain.

I recently moved from my old tumblr-hosted site to this new one by WordPress. To find my old posts, click to see the archive here!

Comments/Questions: thetreekisser@gmail.com

Tweet me some love & find me on Instagram, both @thetreekisser!

One thought on “About

  1. Happy to know of you and all the inspiring things you do. I would like to cite you in class writings, please direct me to citation information. I suppose your last name is the only missing data, if you do not publish that, I will then use the article title. Thank you ❤

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